So we had three new faces at Island Labs today. Eric Forkosh is an experienced inventor who brought a cool gsm development board. Mary Ellen Walsh is a charming writer who came to observe our group to help research hackerspaces for Newsday. And Kent (whose last name I cannot remember!) is a friendly and inquisitive photo/videographer that captured the meeting also for Newsday.

Our corn starch experiments have finally paid off! Laurie donated a speaker that kupo and Tony wrapped with seran wrap. Jonathan hooked up the synth and with the help of justin and kupo got some really crazy shapes and tendrils to dance! Bill explained how non-newtonian fluids work and talked a bit about the near space launch.

Justin and Jonathan got the arduino to run a test program for a hobby servo, while Jan and Eric worked out some equations on how much torque would be needed to turn the doorknob for the magic door project.

In the holiday spirit, Chris soldered together an LED electric christmas tree!

Thanks for everyone who came out, with special thanks to Mary and Kent, who really just let us do our thing, and were great company.

Pics will be posted soon!