Ive been in Fog City for a week now, and it flew by really fast. The first generalization I can make is that here you do not need to make plans to do a lot of fun stuff. Without any research or planning Ive been super busy every day. This post will be updated with better grammer and more details as I sort through it all.

Check out my flickr, youtube and foursquare for all that good stuff.


Landed in SFO, took the BART to Tenderloin, checked into adelaide hostel Had sushi with Ben for dinner - Toro is really, really good


Took a walking tour of the city, went to coit tower, the cable car museum, beat museum, Fog City tours are excellent. House party in Civic center, 23rd floor. Christian had too much to drink.


Tuesday description might be sunday actually. Or Saturdays description might be sunday. Must check 4S.


Four hour interviews with Yammer. Very cool people, company, product, atmosphere. Walked around SoMa a bit and had some tea at epicenter cafe. First guy I asked about breaking into the industry runs a newsletter of startup meetups. Go Figure.


Free museums - checked out the MoMA and Yerba Bueno. MoMA has 2 floors closed, the main exhibit was ‘how wine became modern’ and that was kind of boring. The space feels weirdly curated. The top exhibit was all about photography, mostly black-and-white and not very inspirational. There was one sound sculpture at the tiny white bridge on the fifth floor that was neat. The secondary store on the fifth floor was all local artists, and much more interesting.

Yerba Bueno was very cool - just 3 artists galleries and one general exhibition. The exhibition was about audiences, but most films were too long for my attention span The galleries were all good - one on counterpoint was the best. The video installations were enjoyable. The audience clapping one was really scary, and the old guy acting like a mouse was good too. Yen explained the beach bum video that came from regression therapy which made it that much better.

Yerba Bueno has a beautiful garden too.

Took the bus to the presidio to meet with ben, but my phone died so I ended up walking to the Exploratorium. Fucking awesome. All interactive science exhibits, some trippy as hell most very smile-inducing.


Exploratorium with Thomas and Alex, checked out the beach and went back to the hostel then mission district.


In the afternoon hung out at Rachels before going to the Exploratorium After Dark Surrealist party. Wrote ‘ce nest pas une chemise’ on a shirt while looking in a mirror. Rachels friend works at the Exploratorium, and she introduced me to Dale Dougherty! Went to the super-fun tactile dome, and had some tea with tea at the mad hatter party. Then drove in the back of a small truck to a view of the golden gate bridge by the presidio with some friends. Steve (noise music to break from representational music), Moxy (nuero-linguistic programmer), and stuart (moving from crazy house to less normal house). Stuart and Rachel went to CMU too!

Im super stoked for sailing and sea shanties this Saturday with Steve, Stuart and some others!


Gonna check out a coworking space to get some programming done before beers and dinner tonight. WTF san francisco. I just happen to come in on NextSpace Free Day + 4pm happy hour. Living here with no plans is just tooooo easy.