Warning this is a WIP, some things will be incomplete/incorrect and generally very sketchbook like. It will be a lot easier to review later and make more sense of things.

I am on the flight back from the City of Angels to San Francisco. First of all, Los Angeles is super polluted. If you are walking around, expect to be breathing in exhaust at least half the time. Also, people dont clean up after themselves or thier dogs. This is the most spread-out city I have been to, and it is difficult to get around walking. Try to use the rail and big blue bus / rapid lines over regular buses.

Transit and cleanliness difficulties aside, the weather, art, dogs and fashion in LA are beautiful. I am fortunate enough to be crashing at a friends place in Silver Lake, which is only 15 minutes away from downtown.

Check out my flickr, youtube and foursquare for all that good stuff.


First time sailing - hell yeah! We spent about half the day trying to get one motor started - the batteries were too low. So I blew up a raft and attempted to pull the boat into another slip so we could sail out. Just then Chad, the owner of the slip we wanted to borrow sailed in and offered us his boat. So we hung out while Chad piloted the beautiful yellow ship. The bay is super busy, saw some cargo ships and tall ‘pirate’ ships. Sailing is not too hard, just takes some diligence in maintaining. We played ukelele and had some nice winds.

Later in the afternoon there were sea shanties on Hyde pier - very fun but you probably want to be pretty inebriated to enjoy it to the fullest. Still, cool ships and a fun time. San Francisco is super-bikable, just get ready for some serious strength training with these hills.


…to be filled in when i can check back with my notes


Met with Ben for lunch in Bryant park; ate a burger that rivals the ones from Jackson Hole. Chilled at noisebridge in the evening, talked to Mitch about the musical capabilities of the atmega chips, if it really makes sense to run them at 22Mhz or if settling for a 20Mhz ceramic oscillator is fine.


Up until 6am coding my business card. No typo there, just wrote a little script to generate qrcode urls with base64 encoded uuids attached to the end. Gonna do some weird interactive/augmented stuff with that. Wondering if rails routes can do fuzzy matching, or match from a database.


Yeah projectfresh! Government 2.0 talks were a lot more interesting and less political than I had anticipated. Very good panel assembly by Burt. Realized that any business cards are better than none Gonna work with Richard Monday night at noisebridge doing a little 3d-led-cube action! Kurt, one of the panelists gave me a ride home, we had a super-excellent chat about destroying the ego. Rob showed me his pad, I am pretty jealous of his book collection. And brought me to an excellent Taco truck, tacozone.


Art Walk! Go around 6pm, any earlier and a lot of the galleries are closed or not ready. Downtown becomes packed, which is rare out in Cali. Bacon-wrapped dirty-dogs were clutch. Bar 107 had an excellent dj lots of eclectic good rock music. Daisy and Janet showed me a good time around town, thanks!


25 and sunny, hell yeah. Took a bus to Beverly Hills, checked out the shops near the miracle mile and went to the mall. Got some really delicious sushi in Little Tokyo, then got a shirt at some rediculous botique.