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Morning farmers market in silver lake, the bussed to santa monica pier. Walked around a bit, got food at the local mall, and then headed to LAX. Went to a burlesque rave in Oakland - not sure where it was but we met at 2020 and the shuttle was about a fifteen minute ride. Had to dress up, so borrowed some outfit Kim had. Two main dance floors with some good DJs, lots of beds and blindfolds and ropes. Naked sushi, all benefiting a non-for-profit hotline in Oakland. It was a blast - we stayed out till around 5. Once back at the hostel chatted it up with Mickey, big EDC backstage festival-hopper.


Slept late, then went to a roller-skating birthday party at cellspace. Spent two hours skating and generally having fun, but had a small anxiety attack and got up and left :/ Chilled at the hostel, tried to find contact info for Richard.


Woke up early, thinking I was supposed to be at Yammer at 10am. Turns out I was 4 hours early, so got some work done on the dining table. Spent the afternoon hacking at noisebridge until 5am, brought adam there.



2 bottles of wine after a long chat with the shopkeep of Napa Valley Wines. Took the tram up to chinatown, checked out a museum there, ate the goat cheese sandwich at La Bolounge, then hopped back on towards the wharf. Checked out laughing sal and watched naughty movies and took pictures at Musee de Mecanique. Got another bottle of wine, finished it at the hostel Stayed in the hostel until midnight, went out to cellar for shots and beers.


Getting to the exploratorium was a very difficult journey in all the rain, but the bus ride there was great, and exploratorium was amazing. apple still frame, skipping girl, audio room. Getting to the lockers and back was also intensly difficult. Spent a lot of time getting close to friends.


last day??? not last in SF but last for now.