Day 1

arrived around noon in san diego, great weather tried to checkin to hotel but was too early walked to downtown (35 minutes) ate first meal of the day at anthonys rented a bike for the weekend biked to gaslight district checked out pamphlets at hostel, stole cookie been 5 hours, checked into hotel spent some time figuring out where people were - craft and commerce met up with Erin at craft and commerce introduced to Susan, Bruce, Ed, some others ended up chatting with some locals telling me to go to Cherry Bomb & Tijuana went to another bar with Ed & friends and got more drunk Met with Perian at Princess Pub? cabbed back, passed out

Day 2

9:15 mwhackathon signed up for way too many projects :) introduced to koven via susan arduino + kinect workshop Bruce is here Met Miriam (ArduinoGrrl) and Liz Neely both of whom are awesome Tried to get wekinator working got advice to retry SimpleOpenNI the libraries have gotten a lot better 5pm, met with Erin, Susan, Leo, Ed, Ryan, 5 more for visualisation event @ calit2 calit2 vis stuff is super fucking awesome, holy shit its Lev Manovich! giant screens with excellent visualisations of art - I am so compelled to learn about Rothko met with virtual art group / experience people who were livestreaming to japan, documentary, awesome stuff lots of talk of sharing data, compelling stories

Night 3

tooo much karoake + dancing after balboa park after great talks

Night 4

connect with hackers, make research a necessity. REAL research - do not worry about deliverables but really be free to do pure experimentation for true cutting edge stuff curation and semantics changing a site about open data myths and evidence to sway