a hacker of Computational Machinations, Digital Arts and Electronic Sounds, hailing from Brooklyn

I am a programmer who likes to connect random inputs and outputs to see what people will do with them. I often take virtual streams and provide them physical facilities to exaggerate their impact on our lives. I am equally uncomfortable coding in C, C++, Rust, Javascript, Coffeescript, Python, Piet, Basic, Hypercard, and Bash. I painted a simple echo program and could very easily see myself holed up for the winter just with canvas and wine.

Some communities I'm a part of and love include the school for poetic computation, hacker school, arthackday, the medialab at the met, itp camp. If you are interested in chatting about any of these, please reach out!

Hackerschool, 2 weeks later preview

The first two weeks of hackerschool was way better than I expected. Some of the highlights include learning how to use the BeagleBoneBlack PRU with Dana, building a wifi probe request sniffer using libtins, and finishing the first week of stanford networking course CS144.

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